Thursday, October 29, 2009

What Makes Me Happy

Getting in the car after a long day of classes and turning on the radio to hear a favorite song playing.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carving LDS Style

Spotted in the Hinckley building after British Literature.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sticker Shock

At the start of the semester I put a sticker on my mirror. The sticker reads "Laugh Often".
I love laughter. I love the sound. I love the feeling. I love how people look when they laugh. I love the memories that are made through laughter.

I placed the sticker there in hopes that seeing it daily would help me to not take things so seriously and to enjoy myself. The past couples weeks, I've forgotten to laugh often.

I've been a grouch. My roommates might have use another word for it. I've been snappy and not very nice. Maybe I was tired, maybe I was stressed, maybe I just missed my family. Whatever made me that way, didn't leave me in a state where I could laugh often.

I'm making the choice today to laugh often and when I don't feel like laughing, I promise not to take it out on other people. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


October really is a great time of year. It's the beginning of what I consider the trifecta of holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The leaves are starting to change color here, and there is a crisp bite in the air. It's snowed once, and it nearly broke my heart.

Since October means Halloween and spooky things we've been having a lot of fun.

Festivities include...

  1. Dr. Slaughter's Haunted House- I got chased by and cornered by 2 zombies. Never run, they always get you.
  2. The Haunted Mill- They made you crawl through tunnels and sprayed you with water!
  3. Murder Mystery Costume Dress-Up Activity with the Ward- I was Elizabeth Bennett.
Our friend Craig insists on watching a scary movie practically every night of October.

Titles have included:
  1. The Skeleton Key
  2. Arachnophobia
  3. Scream
  4. Scream 2
  5. Scream 3
  6. Quarantine- This one is legit creepy. I think it scared me the most!
  7. High Tension- A French movie that we had to read subtitles to understand, but still scared the crap out of us.
  8. House of Wax- Straight up creepy!!!
Numbers 3-8 were the edited versions and it still freaked me out! I was jumping like every 5 seconds...

There are more movies to watch and more fun to be had. I think we're headed down to Utah this Saturday to go to the Haunted Forest, it's supposed to be pretty scary...

Keep you posted!

Friday, October 16, 2009

In Memoriam ...

I've found out recently that these fine shows have been canceled. Sad..

1. The Unusuals- I loved this show!

2. Southland- This one might be moving to TNT though, so fingers crossed!

3. Privileged- It was a fun show, now the main character is on Gossip Girl

4. Reaper- This show really was hysterical! Sad!

Did any of your favorite shows get canceled?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Phone!

What's new in my life you ask? Besides my being near death with sickness, I got a new phone last Saturday. It's an LG Versa, and I really like it so far. It has a touch screen and lots of other cool features. I bought a case for it, so the picture is pretty much what my phone looks like as I bought the green cover. So now Katie and I have the same phone again! Her cover is blue though, so that makes it easier to tell them a part!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Visual Media Flyer

This is my first project for my Visual Media class. I used Adobe InDesign to create a flyer for Skylark Scholarships. We were given the text and told that we had to use all the words given, but we could put them in whatever order we wanted.

If you click on the picture it will get bigger. Please ignore the bad quality, as this is a scanned image.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kelli's Cake!

Yesterday was my roommate from summer semester, Kelli's birthday. I wanted to make a cake for her since her new roommates are kind of lame and I am awesome. Can you all tell what it is? It was fun to make, but also took longer than I thought.

Anyways, she loved it and we've been eating cake ever since!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Beginning of a Season

I woke up to my sister taking a pair of heels off my door this morning. On her way out, almost as an afterthought, she said, "Oh, P.S. , it snowed last night."

Something happened last night as I was safely ensconced in my warm blanket blissfully unaware of the outside world. It rained last night, and it was so cold last night, that it froze. Having lived in California for all my years before coming up to Idaho, I love the sun. It's warmth, it's color, and the way it lights up a blue sky. The snow just is not the same. Sure it's pretty for a while before it gets all brown and turns to slush. But it just lacks color.

So this marks the change of fall into winter. What a short season it was. I wish we had a fireplace, because this is the perfect time to start reading in front if it. So take advantage if you have one, enjoy it.