Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Words are powerful. They have the ability to change lives. A well-crafted sentence can cause a person to weep or laugh out loud. Words spoken in haste can hurt feelings. Words are everything. It amazes me, that as an English major, I still sometimes forget that.

I forget that my words have an impact on those around me. I forget that I have the power to make someone happy or sad with the things that come out of my mouth. It affects people.

Sometimes my words are spoken with little thought as to the reception they might have. It's those words that hang around the longest. Those words that once spoken, can never be taken back. The words that are spoken or typed quickly, without filter, are the ones that really make me pause later.

My words have made people laugh and they have made people cry, not always in a good way. I apologize for that. My only excuse is that I'm young and somewhat full of myself sometimes. I make mistakes and those mistakes sometimes end up screwing over other people.

To those that I have hurt with my words, I apologize. Most stemmed from too little sleep and the inability to slip into slumber. You didn't deserve my rancor and I hope that you'll forgive me sometime.

I'm a writer that is still learning when to leave the thoughts in my head unwritten. It's something that I'm fervently working on.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Currently Listening To:

It Starts by Nerina Pallot
Odyle by Heloise and the Savoir Faire
Paris (Ooh la la) by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Blink by Revive
Pretending by Glee Cast (Don't judge me, people)
Light Up the World by Glee Cast
As Long As You're There by Glee Cast
Colors by Ryan Innes (The original by Amos Lee is pretty amazing, too)

Friday, June 10, 2011


This stuff is dang good. My dad picked it out at Trader Joe's but it turns out he can't drink it because it has too much potassium or phosphorous or some other p word. It's refreshing and 100% juice. No 5% real juice here people.

It's 130 calories per 8 oz. I have no idea if that's good. I obviously don't know much about calorie intake. I thought some of you might care. So if you stop in at Trader Joe's try a bottle, and pick up a bag of these, as well.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Future, future, future.

As Katie said in this long, rambling, almost pointless post on her blog, we're writing a book together. It will be very David Sedaris-esque, minus the drug use.

The book will be a compilation of our favorite and slightly crazy childhood stories. I'm looking forward to finally being able to get it going and write some.

We'll keep you appraised of our progress. If nothing ever comes of it, then at least we have a cool memory to give to our family.

Confession: One of Katie's and my favorite things to do is to pretend that the book has already been published, is a best-seller, and we are preparing to go on a nation-wide book tour. We think we would be hilarious at a live reading. Seriously, it would be awesome.

This is an excerpt of one of David Sedaris' stories "6-8 Black Men" It's my favorite.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


These puppies are quite tasty. I recommend them highly. They're addicting and enjoyable. My mom brought them home from Costco to stay with us. They're visit turned out to be short indeed. I usually go for the softer/chewy cookie, but the crispness of the ginger snap paired with the zing of lemon was actually very nice. Fan girl here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Back again, doing that same old song and dance. My intentions are good, but my follow through sucks. To the 3 people that actually read my blog, I apologize. Whenever I think to blog, I'm right in the middle of something and I can't. I actually should be doing something else right now, but I just had to put something up.

I really am trying to do better. I'm planning a schedule so that I can get everything done that I need to do each day. I'll have some blogging time and some writing time, and some lazing on the couch watching Prison Break/Angel/Buffy/Ally McBeal time. I'm going to craft some, and try out new recipes, too.

Hopefully this will be a happening scene in the near future. Don't write me off just yet.