Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Jubilate Agno

For my Brit Lit class, as a getting-know-you for the teacher, we all had to write our own version of Christopher Smart's poem Jubilate Agno. When I sat down to write it, Patrick Swayze had just passed away and I was thinking about Dirty Dancing and , Johnny Castle. I had a mad crush on him and thought it might be a fitting tribute.

My teacher chose my poem and another girl's about Cary Grant to be read in class today. It was kind of cool. I had a lot of fun writing it, so here's my poem.

Delecto a Nocens Puer (To Love A Bad Boy)

By Kristi Wallwork

For I will consider Johhny Castle.

For he wears all black, like a priest, but inspires feelings that are not suitable to have for a member of the clergy.

For he scoffs at Dancing with the Stars and would dance circles around Billy Ray Cyrus.

For firstly Chuck Norris refuses to dance in the same state as him because the awesomeness that is emitted from his moving feet counteracts the awesomeness of Chuck Norris, leaving him not awesome at all, and thus vulnerable to all the things his awesomeness protected him from in the first place.

For secondly his name is Johnny Castle.

For thirdly his name is Johnny Castle.

For fourthly he knows how to deal with spaghetti arms.

For fifthly he swivels his hips from side to side.

For sixthly he hears the music and is spirited away.

For seventhly when he and Penny dance, the world stops and takes notice.

For eighthly he is a bad boy that is oh so good.

For the way he wears his leather jacket.

For the way he busted his back window to get his keys from the car.

For his being too stubborn and cheap to wait for a locksmith before busting his back window to get his keys from the car.

For his eyes sparkled and glistened like the water in which he lifted Baby.

For he danced on a log like it was no big deal, risking life and limb to teach.

For his form is desirable to all those that are blessed to see it.

For he knows that nobody puts Baby in the corner. Ever.

For he taught a sheltered Jewish girl how to move like a Latina from Miami.

For he is loyal to his friends, even if they are stupid and fall in love with Robbie the waiter.

For Johnny Cash got the idea of wearing all black from him.

For he made it sexy for men to dance.

For he is so awesome that he was awarded a cameo in Dirty Dancing Havana Nights.

For high-waisted pants on him do not inspire vomiting as they might on other men.

For his coiffed hair was rivaled only by Elvis Presley.

For he came back for Baby and dared to make a scene.

For he turned Kellerman’s into a night club, young and old came together to drop it like it’s hot.

For he danced the final dance of the season the way he wanted to dance it.

For he smiles like he has a secret, making it hard to discern his thoughts.

For he laughs sharply, twisting every girl’s heart further around his finger.

For Fred Astaire came to him, confessing that he knew nothing and wanted Johnny’s instruction.

For Ginger Rogers merely settled for Fred Astaire , when her heart yearned to be dipped by the Irishman.

For the Catskills became less lame because Johnny Castle summered there.

For his insecurities only made him more relatable and a whole lot hotter.

For he sent girls scurrying for a dance studio, with hopes of an instructor that looked half as good as him.

For when he loved, he loved fiercely.

For his name is Johnny Castle

For he was America’s first Favorite Dancer,

For he is tanned and toned.

For he seeks approval from Mr. Houseman, despite how awesome he is already.

For lastly, his name is Johnny Castle.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Summary

1. Slept until 11:30 in my room which some of my roommates affectionately refer to as "The Cave", because I put a blanket up over my window to block excessive light from coming in.
2. Ate breakfast.
3. Watched some Roswell.
4. Played on Facebook.
5. Showered.
6. Hit up DI for apartment decorations.
7. Went to Porters for crafting supplies.

8. Cocoa Bean for cupcakes and Frozen Lemonade.
Banana Chip cupcake with honey and cinnamon butter cream frosting

9. Little Ceasar's for cheap pizza that doesn't make we want to throw up.
10. Crafting. :)
11. Swindled by Geno the Perfume Guy in to buying D&G Light Blue, that wasn't really Light Blue.
12. Saw The Proposal for the 5th time at the cheap theatre.
13. Came home.
14. Crafted
15. Roswelled it up and went to bed. :)

We made wall art using styrofoam, scrapbook paper, ribbon, and Mod Podge. I'll post a finished photo when we hang everything up. We found some pretty great things at DI as well. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So as I get settled in my new apartment I'll be posting various projects I've done etc.

To start, I made a cool sunglasses line to hang all my glasses up. I have a light obsession with the eye coverings and never have any place to put them all. Problem solved.

It was really simple. Just a piece of ribbon and 2 push pins. I cut out some cute flowers using scrapbook paper to cover the push pins. I'm satisfied with it and I already owned all the materials necessary to complete it, so that was a bonus.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


22 years ago my sister, Katherine Jo Wallwork deigned it time to grace this world with her presence. She was born to parents who were desperate for children, and with her birth, they were blessed.

Katie has always been a fairly happy child. Growing up she was never given to huge fits of emotion as I was. She lived to please others. Sharing her last piece of gum with a family member, lending clothes to me, and occasionally cleaning the kitchen without being asked.

Despite our close friendship now , we were not close growing up. We fought. All. The. Time. Not just verbally, but physically as well. You would have thought we were brothers instead of sisters. It wasn't until she left for school that we became friends.

She has become one of my best friends. She knows all of my secrets and she still loves me in spite of them.

Reasons Katie is Awesome
  1. She looks just as good blond as she does as a brunette.
  2. She can listen to classical music at 5 in the morning and enjoy it, while the rest of us merely get irritated.
  3. She is a 14 year old girl stuck in a 22 year old woman's body.
  4. She has a strange/slightly creepy obsession with Severus Snape. Not Alan Rickman, just Snape.
  5. She sucks at lying, you look at her and she starts to laugh.
  6. Her new haircut makes her look like Hannah Montana.
  7. She watches Hannah Montana.
  8. She's a computer nerd.
  9. She has me for a sister. :)
  10. She does what she wants.
  11. She really is quite funny.
  12. She has horrible taste in movies. Good Burger anyone?
Basically I love her and am proud and grateful to have her in my life. 22! Woo hoo!

Monday, September 14, 2009

He's Like the Wind

I was in love with this guy when I was younger. I loved Dirty Dancing despite the glaringly wrong choices some of the characters made. I loved the music, and the dancing. I loved the dresses, and the sense of transition that was felt throughout the film.

I especially loved Johnny Castle. I loved his black wife beater and leather jacket. I loved his coiffed hair and his eyes that sparkled. I was entranced by his smile and his sharp laughter. Not to mention his tanned and toned torso. :)

Patrick Swayze built this character into someone I grew to care about. For the 90 minutes or so I was watching the movie I was captivated. I felt his loneliness and his sense of his circumstances.

Today Patrick Swayze lost his battle against pancreatic cancer. I am saddened by his passing. He was a talented actor that plays a heavy role when I think of my teen years. My friends can tell you that I loved this movie. I am glad that he is no longer suffering, but it is sad to know that he will never again bring to life a great character.

So, later Johnny Castle, you will be remembered.


As of my last entry, I have reached 100 posts!!! Thanks everyone for reading! It's always nice to know that there are people out there that care enough to follow what you're up to!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm ready for the semester to be over already. So much homework it's insane!! More than I've ever had before!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mouse Trap

Oh, how I wish this post was about a board game. I finally managed to get all my crap out of storage and to the apartment today.

Whilst unpacking I lifted a bag off the top of an open bin and behold, there was a dead mouse chilling in my shoe. How is that okay!? I would never just walk out into a field where he keeps his crap and die? No respect! My roommate Stacy was like, "Oh, it's so tiny and cute!" I was like, " He's not cute! He's a dead mouse in my shoe box!"

Luckily he chose a pair of ugly shoes(gasp! Hard to believe I own such a thing ) to keel over and die in. Otherwise I would have been even more pissed off. So basically this will be funny in like a week, but right now it's just irritating.

UPDATE: He chewed on my mattress pad too! I'm a little nervous to open anything else...

Ridin Dirty

While I completely respect and appreciate the job law enforcement does, CHP rubs me the wrong way.

As we were driving through Donner Pass on our way back to school it seemed like every 50 ft there was another car being pulled over by CHP. Katie and I were commenting on the ridiculousness of it all, when we started driving around a bend. To our surprise around that bend was a CHP car parked, with the officer standing outside, radar gun pointed, waiting for unsuspecting drivers to ticket.

Doesn't that seem shady to anyone else? I mean we were driving down hill, and we've all been taught to accelerate out of a curve. It doesn't seem right that there was a guy there just waiting to pounce.

We were lucky that our car was so loaded down with crap that we couldn't drive much over the speed limit over the pass anyways. It was just irritating. Rant over.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As I was driving down one of the main streets if Rexburg, on my way to my storage unit I saw something cool written on the high school marquee. "Live, Love, Learn, Leave a Legacy"

I thought about that as I continued driving. What kind of legacy have I been building? How will I be remembered? I've tried all my life to do what I think is right. Is that enough? Will people recognize that?

It's kind of weird to think about life after you're dead. Not life after death in the eternal sense, but life continuing here on earth after you have left it. I hope that the choices I'm making now will build a legacy that I can be proud of. I want people to look back on my life and see someone who loved the Lord and laughter, who loved reading and words.

So, folks, I'm working on my legacy. I'll let you know how it goes...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

BOOM! Roasted

I laughed when I found this on the interwebs. I hate whacked parking jobs. Big pet peeve! I've gotten back in my car to readjust if I did a wonky job. Respect people! Respect others, and respect yourselves!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blast from the Past

Does anyone remember this cereal? Katie and I were obsessed with it when we were younger.

It was our favorite.

I saw it at Food 4 Less yesterday and had to buy a box.

Sadly it's not quit as delicious as I remember it. Oh, yesteryear why must you change so much...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's That Time Again...

Packing has commenced for my return to Idaho next week. Is it sad that some of my stuff is still in car from when I came home at the end of July? I'm lazy people, we know this.