Monday, October 31, 2011

All-Hoochies Eve

What is it about Halloween that suddenly makes it okay for girls to dress like a slightly classier version of a hooker working her corner? Bees aren't sexy. They sting you and in some extreme cases even cause death. Ladybugs aren't sexy. They're bugs.

Same with the sexy maid costumes. While I understand that the thought of having someone come in and clean your house for you weekly so you don't have to inspires certain feelings, most maids I've met are older women trying to earn some "mad money". Not exactly Megan Fox.

It baffles me. And kind of makes me sick. All growing up, we had one real rule about Halloween-- we had to be something scary. I've been a ruthless witch, a heartless pirate wench, and a mystically terrifying gypsy. I think there were a few early years where we did cutesy family costumes, but that was it. I distinctly remember once asking my mom if I could be a princess. She responded with a , "you can be a zombie princess who wants to eat everyone's brains." I didn't want blood on my princess gown, so I chose something else.

I always had fun Halloweens and I never felt the need to flash the cleavage or show a massive amount of my pale thighs. For the better of everyone, ultimately. Let's keep our goodies in our treat bags, yes? Thanks.


webster said...

haha yeah, when did all adult costumes become next to nothing

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